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Winter Triticale - Maximizing Forage, Protect the Environment 365 Days a Year

Maximize and learn about crop management for quality, tonnage and timing in various double systems.  Covered topics include planting depth, planting dates, and nutrient management impact. (March 30 @ 11:30am CT)


Greenfield Scholars

Encourage undergrads to apply to be a 2017 Greenfield Scholar if they will enter the workforce after graduation and are interested in becoming a CCA. Scholars receive mentoring, career advice, and full travel reimbursement to attend the ASA Annual Meeting in Phoenix in October. Apply by 4/5 with final applications due 4/12


Nominate Today

Who are Certification’s rock stars? Nominate them for an ASA Award. Deadlines:
March 29 – nominations initiated
April 5 – reference letters, final submission


Award Presentation at Commodity Classic

For the first time ever, the 2017 ICCA of the Year Award will be presented at the Commodity Classic on March 3 in San Antonio, TX. Putting the presentation back in front of the farmers and industry colleagues that nominate our CCAs!

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Resistance Management Specialty (RMS) Certification

sky corn

ICCA has just launched the new Resistance Management Specialty (RMS) Certification. The Resistance Management Specialty (RMS) is for CCAs who do Integrated Pest Management (IPM) and focus their work in crop protection.  Not all CCAs work extensively on pest management, but focus on other aspects of crop advising.  The RMS allows those CCAs who advise on pest management to become more visible and recognized for their integrated systems thinking and approach to avoid development of resistance or alleviate resistance problems in order to meet the need for improved environmental stewardship.  It allows CCAs to prove their knowledge, advance their skills and draw awareness to their professional abilities.  It should align with USDA-NRCS and US-EPA for pest management standards.