CCA – The Advantage for Employers

Peace of Mind and Lower Liability for your Business

Graph pointing upYour company has spent valuable time and energy to provide excellent service to your clients. Whether it’s simple customer service or finding products that will benefit their bottom line, it’s how you’ve always done business and how you plan to do business long into the future. So why would you trust your clients’ faith, loyalty and reputation – not to mention your profits – in the hands of just anyone?

When it comes to putting the company’s best interest first, a Certified Crop Adviser’s (CCA) or Certified Professional Agronomist's (CPAg)  professional commitment and knowledge is the right start.

An American Society of Agronomy certified CCA or CPAg can provide you with Sound Advice coupled with the tools needed to make your company thrive.

CCA and CPAg Certifications are the standard by which agronomy professionals are judged internationally. For over 20 years, the CCA certification program has set and maintained the highest of standards that benefit your clients and your business.


Good BusinessCCA-WHY For Employers?

The purpose of the CCA and CPAg programs is to protect the public and businesses like yours. These programs offer voluntary, professional certifications to Advisers – proving their commitment to their clients, their employers (you) and to the public welfare. You can depend on that determination and commitment for true results in the bottom line.

All successful certification programs have one common element, and that is to serve and protect the public interest. Many professions require a license to practice such as in medicine, engineering, and accounting. A license is basically a certification program offered by the state. Certification programs offered by ASA are voluntary, but offer similar benefits as licensing programs. The ASA certification programs set higher standards for knowledge, skill and conduct within the field of agronomy – a higher standard on which you can depend.

Bottom Line 

  1. Take the guess work out of hiring
  2. Lower your liability and risk as an employer
  3. Better compliance with increasing environmental regulation, increase profits (better employees)
  4. Increase customer confidence
  5. Lower turnover of employees
  6. 20 Years of Defining a Profession!

Cutting Edge

Those certified have up-to-date knowledge on the latest developments in agriculture. Certification standards require Certified Crop Advisers (CCAs) and Certified Professional Agronomists (CPAgs) to earn continuing education units (CEUs) on a yearly basis.

You Need the Best

Certified Crop Advisers and Certified Professional Agronomists earn their certification by passing rigorous state and international exams. They must also sign and adhere to a code of ethics that places the customer’s needs first. CCAs and CPAgs meet and often exceed the high standards set by the American Society of Agronomy.

Technology Transfer

Agricultural scientists offer training to both CCAs and CPAgs and depend on them to pass that knowledge on to the grower to directly benefit your bottom line..

Find a CCA or CPAg near you today. It’s good for your company and good for the industry.


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