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ICCA Promotional Videos

As a part of our campaign to raise awareness for the CCA program, we have created a series of short promotional videos to be utilized by local CCA boards, agricultural retailers, and CCAs. The videos consist of remarkable testimonials given by growers from all over North America. The project highlights why growers seek-out and rely on CCAs as partners in business success.


Promotional Materials

A new marketing campaign has been developed to promote the CCA program to clients/farmers, employers, prospective CCAs, students, and the public. We hope that CCAs will utilize the marketing materials and tools provided to better promote themselves and the program as a whole.


That's Sound Advice Campaign

The CCA – That’s Sound Advice campaign mission is to assist CCAs and CPAgs in maintaining, building and growing their professional program for all Agronomists throughout North America and the World. 

The “CCA – That’s Sound Advice” campaign vision is three-fold:

  • Maintain the current CCA numbers while growing new and renewing certifications.
  • Build demand among Producers, Farmers, Employers and the Communities we feed.
  • Grow a portal for actively involved CCAs to support the CCA community and build its strength through TRUE, brand-centric marketing and community-focused communication.